8 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve the Performance of Your Facebook Page

The beauty of social media—particularly, Facebook—is that it connects you one on one with your current and future customers. In order for your Facebook page’s posts to be high enough in a single Facebook follower’s timeline to actually be seen, that single follower must routinely engage with the posts on your page. So the quality of interactions on your Facebook page with each and every follower is critical to your ability to have a successful page and social marketing effort. You can have the very best content and promotions in the world, but if your followers aren’t engaging with them and you can’t measure your conversions, it’s kind of all for not. In this post, we’ll cover a few quick and easy ways you can set yourself up for success. Please note that the screenshots and instructions below all pertain to use on desktop (not mobile).

Verify Your Page

Creating a fake Facebook profile or page is not difficult. Verifying your business page allows Facebook to confirm the authenticity of your operation so they can assure users that you are the real deal. This takes less than five minutes and helps with your rankings. Simply look up "verify page" in your Facebook help center for step-by-step instructions.

Check & Respond to Your Comments, Mentions, Reviews, Tags, & Messages Often

More than ever before, current and prospective customers are using social media to stay connected to and learn about your business. Replying to comments, mentions, and tags on your page is a great way to interact directly with your customer base and to demonstrate the level of customer service you provide. Customers often message to initiate business or to ask questions or share feedback. The expectation on social media is a fairly instantaneous response. If that's not reasonable for your business, be sure to set up an auto-reply that lets folks know you'll get back to them within a few hours or whenever is reasonable for you. Think of this as just another voicemail box for your business.

Migrate Your Business Page to Facebook's Business Manager

Facebook has a whole suite of business tools you can access in one place--Business Manager. Go to business.facebook.com for guided set up. This site will put your page and ad management in one place and give you access to Pixels (see below)--Facebook's conversion tracking code and analyzer. 

There's a lot to see in here and you should take time to peruse the site's full suite of features--it's worth it! You will then need to download Facebook's Pages, Messenger, and Ad Manager apps if you want to manage your page via mobile on your phone or tablet.

Set Up an Ad Account & Use It

Having an ad account will allow you to boost posts, promote your page, and create and run ads on Facebook. You can spend as little as $1 to boost and $5 to run an ad. For a few hundred dollars a month, you can have a really robust marketing effort on Facebook and you can micro-target your audience right down to their education level, household income, and specific interests. Each boost or ad also shows you very detailed insights, so you can easily revise your strategy as you go using actual data. You can also track direct conversions using Pixels (see below).

Post Regularly

In order for any of your efforts on Facebook to yield results, you must post regularly--at least every other day, if not, every day (but never more than once in one day unless you are up over 10,000 followers). You need to post diverse and engaging content to keep your followers interested. This means weaving shared content relevant to your business (we recommend 60% of your posts be shared content) in with your original content (we recommend 30%) and promotional content (we recommend 10%). Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on easily generating content in these three categories. Remember, in order for your posts to be seen on a single follower's timeline (meaning it's in their top 20 visible posts), they must be regularly engaging (liking, commenting, sharing) with posts on your business page. Don't forget that Facebook has a robust Scheduling function for posts, so you can "set it and forget it" by scheduling several weeks' worth of posts to run in advance. Then you only need to monitor the account for necessary responses.

Set Up Facebook Pixels

If you ask me, I couldn't care less about the number of likes or engagements on a page. What I care about most is converting those indicators into actual sales for my clients and Pixels are a great way to track conversions from Facebook. They will provide you with a base code that can be added to your business website's homepage. This simple Pixel will tell you how many visits to your website are driven directly from Facebook. You can then go one step further and add event codes to additional pages on your website. These can tell you when Facebook has driven a customer to place something in your cart, make a purchase or booking, sign up for your newsletter, etc. It's a very powerful tool. The Pixel section of the Business Manager will walk you step-by-step through the process and will provide you with the actual code that you or your web developer can simply copy and paste. Then all the insights for the Pixels are tracked right in your Business Manager account.

Link Your Instagram Account

If you've taken the time to create and maintain an Instagram account for your business, don't forget to link it to your Facebook page. Since Facebook bought Instagram, the two platforms are much better integrated.

FB link Instagram Account

Review Your Insights & Apply Their Data

Facebook provides a lot of relevant insights for your page, your posts, and any ads you create and run. It's actually pretty amazing. By checking the average time your followers are on Facebook, for example, you can see what time its best to schedule your posts to release for maximum engagement. Reviewing your post insights can tell you if you're hitting or missing the mark with your content and help you adjust future content for better outcomes.


Now, there's a bunch more where all that came from. Truly leveraging your social media platforms to increase sales requires you to be wicked strategic and to be willing to invest time and dollars to drive results.

Kristy Krugh is the owner and principal of Wicked Philanthropic Strategies and Wicked Visible Marketing. Following 15 years of service to the non-profit sector, Kristy now works exclusively with mission-driven companies in the for-profit sector to optimize their philanthropic systems for maximum marketing, sales, constituent, and community returns. Clients from across the country engage Kristy from her home base in Bend, Oregon where she is supervised daily by her rescue Bulldog, Dunkin. Kristy offers no-risk, no-cost Corporate Giving Assessments to all prospective clients and can't wait to hear from you!


Source: www.wickedvisible.marketing