Supporting Individual Major Donors in Bend, Or & Beyond

As a high-net worth individual and philantrhoprist, when you meet with your financial advisor or your family office, they'll tell you how much money you can or should donate, how to give those funds away (stocks, annuities, cash, real estate, etc.) and when to donate, but they aren't equipped to walk you through the process of deciding where and how your gifts will make the greatest impact on the causes you care about most deeply and provide you with the most powerful personal return. Our Owner and Principal, Kristy, will personally work with you and your advisors to thoughtfully craft a strategy that will leverage your legacy for the highest possible good and your greatest satisfaction and joy. We can carefully and skillfully identify and vet prospective beneficiary charities to ensure they best meet your needs and expectations. We can dive in or just advise from the sidelines. We're here to help!