Encouraging your employees to volunteer and engaging employees in the distribution of company profits to their top causes can have a positive effect on your bottom line.


of Executives Cite Engagement as a Top Talent Issue

8 in 10

Americans say corporate support of causes helps earn their loyalty to a business


is the percentage performance increase of businesses with engaged employees

When you include philanthropic benefits in your compensation package, your company wins big, particularly with millennials. These benefits can include philanthropy-based incentives, employee giving committees, matching gifts, grants, paid time to volunteer and lots of other effective and creative solutions. Your employees help the company generate the profits available for donation, so it only makes sense to engage them in the distribution of those funds. We can work with you to create or optimize a complete philanthropic giving system, or breathe new life into "what we've always done."

"What I realized in working with Kristy was that my giving was really isolated to me. It was between me and the non-profits. And one of the big things I wanted was to make it more about the company and get everyone who works here engaged in that giving, making it less about me as the CEO and Owner and more about the team."


When employees engage in corporate citizenship, they bring your brand into the community. They are more engaged in their day-to-day work, and feel more committed to you as an employer. When employees volunteer together, teams are strengthened. We can help you design a volunteer program for your employees that will pay dividends in satisfaction and loyalty all while making a marked difference in the local community that supports your business. Organizations of every size can benefit from a system for employee volunteerism. We ensure the gift of your employees' time provides return on investment by strategically documenting their impact and communicating it out to your customer base and your prospective employees.