"What’s been wonderful about working with Kristy is that she brings both a wisdom about business and a deep understanding of the needs and wants of charities."

Our Founder & President, Kristy Krugh

I have been privileged to work for mission-driven organizations for over 15 years. Working with and for passionate, driven people propelled me daily to exceed expectations and over-deliver on sales goals. I identified existing and new opportunities, conceived and deployed mission-centered marketing campaigns and deeply engaging copy (because I'm wicked good at English--writing and editing), ultimately driving unprecedented results. My work with non-profit organizations required me to be very thrifty and very creative, so maximizing my time, your budget, and your results at every turn is second nature to me.

I've been cutting through the noise for over a decade, grabbing and keeping the attention of an array of constituents. Being able to identify the heart connection current and prospective customers and employees have to your business (trust me, there is one!) and leveraging that connection through powerful messaging is my specialty.

I have designed and executed corporate:non-profit partnerships for deep community, marketing, and constituent impact and tangible return on investment since 2003. I believe in the real and profound difference for-profit organizations can make in their communities and in the many benefits they can glean from giving their gifts of time, profits, services, or products strategically. I have also seen first-hand how easy it is to give aimlessly and how many missed opportunities that produces for everyone involved.

To the benefit of our company and yours, I am very selective about the projects I take on. As a prospective client, I want to meet with you and understand, as best I can, your goals and existing capacity to determine if we can have an effective, collaborative relationship that will enable me to deliver the results that you and your company deserve from any consultant. You worked hard to earn the funds you'll invest in me and I want to be sure I can exceed your expectations in work product, communication, creativity, and results, so we can both say at the conclusion of our work together that its been "an extraordinarily good time."

Just in case you were curious--I live in Bend, Oregon (since 2009) with my husband, Roger, and our English Bulldog, Dunkin, though I work with philanthropy, content, and social media marketing clients across the United States. I grew up in Massachusetts and attended college in Boston, so my East Coast roots run wicked deep (as does my loyalty to the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots). Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I hope you'll reach out so we can discover together all that Wicked Visible Marketing can do for your business!