"The assessment that Kristy is offering is phenomenal. Really helped give me some excellent insights into where we were missing certain opportunities and even just where our priorities were currently."


Why do we offer free assessments?

Well, in the case of corporate philanthropy, we are well aware no one is sitting around the conference room table saying, "man, we really need to hire a philanthropic strategist." So we created our comprehensive assessment to provide companies with all the information they need to examine their own practices and results and also to empower us with enough information to provide a personalized opportunity report tailored to their company and their industry. We are so confident that you'll see value in engaging us, that we have no problem providing this $1500 initial assessment at no cost to you.

We also offer a Free Marketing Monday meeting in person or by phone, which gives organizations an opportunity to bring their current marketing-related conundrums to an unbiased outsider for discussion. We can chat about your website, digital marketing, social media, e-mail marketing--you name it! This hour-long consult, a $250 value, is also provided at no cost to our prospective clients.

If you are a private foundation, family foundation, or high-net worth individual donor interested in more information about how we might support you in your philanthropic or marketing endeavors, we'd love to connect.