To leverage social media to yield an actual return, you must have a strategy and a thoughtful plan for content and audience engagement.


Why Bother Engaging a Social Media Specialist?

The digital marketing landscape is evolving at a rapid pace and rarely on a set schedule. A client retained us to work with his in-house marketing staff to develop a year-long digital content strategy for 2018. We finished and had to revisit and significantly revise the strategy just one month later based on Facebook's massive algorithm changes, which have hobbled most business' organic (unpaid) reach, especially those businesses that were just in cruise mode. Just another great reminder why it pays to have an expert in your corner and a strategy at your back.

As a small business owner, you must know there's some value to participating in social media but do you know which platforms are worth investing your business' resources in? Do you know how to optimize your social platforms and guarantee conversions? Anyone can post something, but not everyone has the skills to generate a return. And let's face it--do you really care how many followers you have if those folks aren't patronizing your business?

Social media presents an incredible opportunity to target a message to a precise, captive audience and to maintain regular communication with current & future customers. To leverage social media to yield an actual return, you must have a strategy and a thoughtful plan for content and audience engagement. Simply giving social to "the youngest person in the office" (yes, we've actually heard that) or handing it over to a social media marketing agency that knows the technology but are not messaging experts will leave your efforts falling flat. It happens to businesses all the time.

Social Media Management in Bend, Or & Beyond

We have had great success curating content, developing campaigns, and leveraging philanthropic efforts via social media. We like to use this powerful medium to help communicate important messages about your brand, products, services, and culture. And, most importantly, to drive engagement and sales. We deploy content that always ties back to your messaging, as opposed to simply increasing likes or reactions to your posts. We want to compel your audience to engage with your business, not just your business' social media accounts--and we've had great success doing just that. If you are more interested in training for your internal staff, we do that too!

Engage Us for Social Media Management

Our blog often offers social media marketing tips and tricks that we've found to be particularly helpful based on our training sessions with clients. You can contact us to chat about your social media marketing needs and we'll gladly provide an opportunity report to help you decide how and if you'd like to proceed in engaging us! To see a fun example of our current success with social media, click here.