Want to keep your social media marketing in-house but also want to optimize for maximum conversion to sales? Social media training might be the right fit for your business!

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There are many great reasons to engage a social media expert to directly manage all your platforms. Though we do directly manage social accounts for a select group of clients, we actually prefer to empower your dedicated staff with the tools they need to succeed with social media marketing training. We offer social media training in Bend, Or, in person, and social media training remotely beyond our office in Bend, Or. Our training is personally tailored and moves at the pace most comfortable for your team. You're not getting a "training in a box" with us. We also offer on-going supervisory support. We have a client, for example, who retains us for a quarterly review and reporting on their social media efforts. This is a great way to identify opportunities for improvement and help keep your team on top of any new features or algorithm updates. You can also retain us to work with your internal team to develop a comprehensive digital content strategy tailored to your business goals.

Our blog often offers social media marketing tips and tricks that we've found to be particularly helpful based on our training sessions with clients. You can contact us to chat about your social media marketing needs and we'll gladly provide an opportunity report to help you decide how and if you'd like to proceed with engaging us!